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Washing machines are essential appliances to every household in Singapore; they are used several times a week. It saves you time and energy on your laundry. With the advancement of technology, washing machines have added many features that can be confusing to consumers. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best washing machines as well as how to choose the best one for your family’s needs.

Types of Washing Machines

To begin, consider the actual build and types of washing machines: 

  • Top load agitator: They are the most common machines. The long agitator in the middle swishes against the clothes to get them clean. They tend to be cheaper and have a faster washing cycle.

However, top-load machines use more water. The agitator is harder on your clothes and struggles with large items like blankets and comforters.

  • Front-load washer: Unlike top load agitators, front-load washing machines, a front load washer rely on laundries rubbing against one another. The cycle tends to be gentler on fabrics. They use lesser water and are ideal for large items.

On the flip side, the top load washer has a longer cycle which means higher electric bills. They are also less efficient in removing stubborn stains on the clothes.

  • Top load impeller: as known as a high-efficiency washer, is the newest category of washing machines. They use an impeller at the bottom to swoosh the garments back and forth, and the tub itself moves in one motion.

A High-efficiency washer handles a large load, is gentle on your clothes like a front load, and has a short cycle like an agitator. The only knock on top load impeller is noise; they are the loudest among the three.

Marks of Good Washing Machines

Once you’ve determined the style you’re interested in, you can begin looking at the various features that will make it best for you. 

  • Drum size: Washing machines are more energy-efficient and effective when they are full, so considering the drum size is important. If you do a lot of wash at one time, naturally, a larger one will be better. On the contrary, consistently smaller loads will benefit you more. 
  • Energy-efficient: Today, washing machines are built with energy efficiency in mind. When replacing your washing machine, pay attention to the energy-efficiency rating label on the machine’s side or listed in the description online. They are typically grouped and labeled between A and G, with A being the best and G being the least efficient. 
  • Spin Speed: The more quickly the load spins, the more water removal increases. Clothes washed in a high-spin machine won’t need to go into a tumble dryer or even out on the line outside for as long. Therefore, speed is worth considering, but keep in mind that machines that range between 400 and 1,400rpm are more than sufficient. There are top-of-the-line varieties capable of spinning up to 1,800rpm using cotton programming, but these tend to be noisier and pricier. 
  • Program setting: If you want to wash certain loads a certain way, you’ll need to pay attention to the available settings. They include programs like a quick wash, hot wash, hand wash, economy, extra rinse, and others. Not all washers will have all of these settings, so knowing your preferred options and seeking them out when shopping is your best bet. 
  • General Features:  In the same vein, you should note the available features. This includes delay start, crease guard, smart controls, sensor technology, and beyond.

Best Washing Machines of 2021

1. Best Front Load Washer: LG AI Drive Front Load Washing Machine

lg frontload washing machine 1
LG AI Drive Front Load Washing Machine

Why We Love It

LG is famously good at making front-loading washers that are quite reliable, so if you prefer those, this is the way to go. Not only does it allow for easy loading, but it comes with many ways to make it your own. There are a variety of customizations that you can take advantage of and the ability to control it with your voice by way of Google Assistant. 

This LG washing machine has a 4.5 cubic feet capacity, which is ideal for washing a king-size comforter or laundry for a family of four with ease. There are ten cycles to choose from, including normal, permanent press, tub clean, whites, heavy-duty towels, delicates, bedding, speed wash, and downloaded. The downloaded cycles on the app allow you to enjoy more personalized washing cycles to suit your needs better.

Keep in-Mind

With the LG front load washing machine, there is no internal water heater. This could reduce its energy efficiency in the long run. As for the normal cycle, many people have come to expect and rely on a certain speed; the speed of the Normal cycle tends to be slower than most.

Get LG AI Drive Front Load Washing Machine

2. Best Top Load Washer: Samsung Wobble Technology Top Load Washing Machine

Samsung Wobble Technology Top Load Washing Machine
Samsung Wobble Technology Top Load Washing Machine

Why We Love It

Those who prefer the space-saving convenience of a top-loading washing machine will benefit from the Samsung washing machine’s power. Once you have loaded the laundry from the top, your clothes will begin the process of being gently but thoroughly cleaned using the Wobble technology. It is designed to be gentle on fabrics while still relying on powerful washing performance. 

This is made possible through the Wobble pulsators that bring out a multi-directional wash flow and dynamic movement that not only helps prevent knots, twists and tangles but thoroughly cleans your garments. This Samsung washing machine also dissolves detergent more efficiently, so you won’t have to worry about any residue left behind. For clothes and fabrics with a deep, stubborn stain, it offers an intensive wash function that will pre-mix the detergents to apply concentrated cleaning power to them.

Keep in-Mind

A lot of the functionality comes into play with the Samsung app that comes included with the machine. The app is not very intuitive, so this could pose a problem for those who are not smartphone savvy or just those who prefer conventional control of their machines.

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3. Best Washer Dryer Combo: Samsung Quick Wash 

samsung quickdrive washier dryer 2in1 1
Samsung Quick Wash Dryer Washer Combo

Why We Love It

If you are limited on space and cannot accommodate a side-by-side washer and dryer, the Samsung Quick Wash is for you. This combination washer and dryer allows you to wash and dry the same drum’s clothing to save room in your space and overall energy by not running two machines. It gets its name from the QuickDrive Drum that gives a speedier washing experience by as much as 50 percent when you compare it to other Samsung models. This Samsung washing machine is great for larger families who need to wash more laundry more swiftly and move between them quickly. It also makes it good for those who need to wash clothes such as sports uniforms and school clothes quickly. 

However, one of the defining features of the Samsung Quick Wash is the AddWash, in which you can safely and comfortably add additional clothing that you may have forgotten without stopping the load.

Keep in-Mind

This Samsung Quick Wash also has a smartphone app that you can use to control the washing machine; some phone’s operating systems do not support this app. It is important to check and make sure your phone does in order to get the most out of your new washing machine.

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4. Large Capacity for Big Families: LG TWIN Load Smart Washing Machine  

lg large capacity washing machine 1
LG TWIN Load Smart Washing Machine

Why We Love It

If you have a large family whose laundry you seem always to be doing in an endless cycle, this LG 12kg washing machine will help to get more done at once. LG TWIN Load washing machine has an ultra-large capacity that will allow you to throw plenty of clothing, bedding, towels, and beyond into it and step away with peace of mind that they will all be thoroughly washed. Its large size meant for lots of clothes, and it also becomes more energy-efficient when you fill it. 

It is also convenient for those who don’t have a lot of space in their laundry area, thanks to the two-in-one design wherein you get both a washer and a dryer, letting you save that room for the inclusion of other items.

Keep in-Mind

Unlike Samsung Quick Wash, LG TWIN Load Smart Washing Machine cannot add new clothing to the machine in the middle of the cycle should you forget to put something in at the beginning. Instead, you’ve got to pause and restart.

Get LG TWIN Load Smart Washer 

5. Best Washer for Babies: LG Twin Wash® Mini Washer 

LG Twin Wash® Mini Washer
LG Twin Wash® Mini Washer

Why We Love It

Your baby’s clothing is almost as delicate as their sensitive skin and should be treated as such. The LG Twin Wash® Mini Washer is a washing machine that provides gentle yet effective cleansing of your baby’s clothing, removing light soiling. This is made possible due to the machine’s unique design meant specifically for specialty loads like sportswear, hand-washable, and delicates, requiring a gentleness that baby clothes certainly fall into. 

Due to the machine’s size, it becomes more energy efficient as you fill it with small amounts of baby clothes instead of wasting an entire large drum of space and reducing the efficiency. In fact, it comes with six wash programs to get specific with your washing, including Light Soil, Active Wear, Hand Wash, and Speed Wash to add an effortless convenience to the machine.

Keep in-Mind

This LG mini washing machine only has a capacity of two kilos. Because of this, it is only well-suited for small items and loads like baby clothes and delicates. It should not be a washing machine that you use to replace your existing, full-sized machine completely.

Get LG Twin Wash® Mini Washer 

Final Thoughts

While all washing machines are built to work toward a certain goal, they are not all made with the same purpose, meaning some have features others don’t, and some will benefit you in ways others might not. In this article, we’ve looked at five of the best washing machines for various needs. Browse the list to find the one that is best suited for you.

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