A Complete Guide to Getting the Best Ceiling Fan


So you’ve decided you want to get a ceiling fan — that’s great! You’re taking a step towards creating a more comfortable and well-ventilated space in your home, which warrants a nice pat on the back. Now, the real work of actually choosing an appropriate ceiling fan begins. 

Though one might think that getting a ceiling fan is a straightforward transaction, there’s actually a lot that goes into making the right choice. What you want is to get the most out of your money, and that means knowing what kind of fan you’re looking for in the first place.

Luckily, we got you covered with this comprehensive guide of ceiling fan features and the top ceiling fans available in the market today:

Choosing The Perfect Ceiling Fan

Selecting the right ceiling fan means knowing what makes each ceiling fan unique. Understanding their features and how that translates into your living space is imperative before making a purchase. 

  • Room Size Vs. Fan Size

The short and sweet answer to whether to get a room-size ceiling fan or a fan-size one is that it depends. 

Consider the square footage of the room, ceiling height, and how much airflow will be needed within the space. You’ll want at least a minimum of 18-24 inches of clearance on all sides of the ceiling fan to ensure safety and airflow. 

A small to medium-sized fan with a blade length around 50 inches or less can definitely suffice for a small space like a bedroom. The larger space, the larger the fan will need to get. That being said, you can also do nicely with multiple smaller fans. 

  • CFM and Airflow

CFM stands for the Airflow for Cubic Feet per Minute. It is how one can determine the flow velocity of air generated by the fan. 

The higher the CFM rate, the more airflow you get. Several websites online allow you to calculate the CFM by simply logging in the needed data. Either that or ask the seller or look it up in the product’s description. 

  • Number of Blades

Yes, the number of blades in your ceiling fan matters. Fans with more blades tend to create less noise and are more stable — that is, they don’t wobble as much. 

4-5 bladed fans are quiet and work best in at-home settings. They provide stable and noiseless airflow that can make a space cooler and more relaxing. 

3 bladed fans might create more sound but are cheaper and found in industrial buildings or workplaces.

  • Blade Materials

Selecting the kind of blade material you’d like the ceiling fan to have will depend on a combination of personal aesthetics, function, and where it’s going to be installed. 

If it’s going outdoors, you’ll want a material less likely to lock in moisture and get mouldy. Indoor ceiling fans can be in any material you like so long as they fit the overall vibe of the space. Try to aim for a smooth surface material that prevents drag and makes the fan more efficient. 

Best Ceiling Fan Brands in Singapore

The information above should have more or less given you an idea of what you’re looking for in a ceiling fan. Now, it’s time to go over some of the popular and most trusted ceiling fan options currently in the market: 

1. KDK Ceiling Fan

KDK Ceiling Fan
KDK Ceiling Fan

A KDK fan is more than just a ceiling fan; it’s an investment that will last years (if not decades). They are sleekly crafted and very aesthetic — the U60fw works best in Scandinavian design setups. It is also one of the finer ceiling fans with lights options in the market today. 

Most of their models are remote-controlled, which is a nice little modern touch. Their units boast a 9-speed control which gives the user a plethora of airflow choices. Its five blades allow for noiseless and stable running, which makes it great for bedrooms. Finally, the three-option led light brightness gives you the ability to choose from cool, warm, or daylight settings. 

Other features inherent to the KDK Ceiling Fans include a patented safety feature and a Yugari mode where it’s purported to resemble the gentle breeze on a grassy plain. 

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2. Fanco Ceiling Fan

Fanco Ceiling Fan
Fanco Ceiling Fan

Fanco ceiling fans are the gold standard in silent motor technology. They ensure their units generate the most amount of airflow with the least amount of noise possible. This even extends to the unique shape of the blades, which are designed to cut through the air like butter. 

A three-tone LED light with a 21-step dimer provides home users with the ability to set the mood they wish. As stated, Fanco hates noise — this is why they have pioneered the use of brushless motors. The blades are uniquely shaped and made from ABS material (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene).

Their fans are also remote-controlled and come with a 6-speed setting. Perhaps less than other brands but still offers enough variety in power.

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3. Fanztec Ceiling Fan 

Fanztec Ceiling Fan
Fanztec Ceiling Fan

Finding a ceiling fan that would fit the look of your space can be quite a chore. Luckily, Fanztec offers ceiling fans of all shapes, sizes, and textures. Whether you’re looking for a matte black finish, a wood-like surface, or something white and minimalist — Fanztec is likely to have just the fan for you. 

The three-bladed fans are remote-controlled and fit well in most spaces within your home. Though having fewer blades than most fans on this list, not many users complain about wobbling or anything like that. 

It comes with a 6-speed setting and a 3-tone led light, ideal for living space use. It’s definitely one of the more affordable options for ceiling fans out there. But, the fact that it only has three blades and not many other features means it might lag behind the advanced competition.

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4. Acorn Ceiling Fan

Acorn Ceiling Fan
Acorn Ceiling Fan

Definitely one of the premier ceiling fans in the market today, the Acorn ceiling fans try as much as possible to make up for their higher than usual prices. And according to many, they succeed in this endeavour. 

Certainly one of the more advanced 3-bladed ceiling fans, Acorn Ceiling Fans is generally a good energy efficiency option. Their appearance also makes them great for modern or mid-century aesthetics. 

DC motors consume less energy than competing brands, and the blades are made with anti-corrosion ABS material. Most of their fans are remote-controlled and have built-in led lights.

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5. Samaire Ceiling Fan

Samaire Ceiling Fan
Samaire Ceiling Fan

All things considered, a Samaire fan will last you a heck of a long time, thanks to its heavy-duty interior. It also comes in a variety of colours ranging from gold to white. 

What makes these units ideal for heavy-duty use is their 188 premium copper-grade motor. RPM ranges from 140-280 depending on the speed setting. In addition, the built-in led light only consumes 18 watts which are greatly beneficial for your electric bill. 

Probably the only downside to these fans is their limited features. Samaire fans only offer about 3-speed settings and not much flexibility with the led light settings. In addition, though remote-controlled, they only offer the standard settings found in most ceiling fans. 

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6. Relite Ceiling Fan

Relite Ceiling Fan
Relite Ceiling Fan

It can’t get as unique as a Relite ceiling fan. They boast an appearance that can’t be replicated by any other ceiling fan brand out there. This extends to their most noted model: the AERATRON FR3 DC CEILING FAN. 

The models have a 6-speed reversible remote control setting and dimmable led lights. The colour options include silver, black, white, dark timber, and light timber. One of the more energy-efficient models out there as they only consume 2.9-18 watts. 

Units like the AERATRON FR3 DC CEILING FAN are 3-bladed, raising some concern about quietness and stability. With regards to airflow, though, buys don’t seem to have a problem. 

Buy Relite Ceiling Fan

7. Mitsubishi Ceiling Fan

Mitsubishi Ceiling Fan
Mitsubishi Ceiling Fan

Mitsubishi ceiling fans and Mitsubishi products, by extension, offer buyers the prime example of Japanese innovation. Minimalist in appearance, the Mitsubishi ceiling fans are not to be underestimated as powerful drivers of airflow. 

4- to 5-bladed fans offer quiet motor action and stable spinning both indoors and outdoors. The 5-speed remote control also comes with timers and even a Rhythm Mode that mimics natural winds. Their units usually come in either dark or light grey, but cheaper models can come in white. 

Most of their ceiling fan blades are cut in the standard 56″ length, making them work well in the home and office. Perhaps the best thing about getting a Mitsubishi ceiling fan is the 3-year motor warranty which is always a source of great peace of mind.

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8. Elmark Ceiling Fan

Elmark Ceiling Fan
Elmark Ceiling Fan

With an Elmark, options abound. They basically have ceiling fans that cater to all kinds of tastes and needs. Every design, blade number, and size is available in the Elmark ceiling fan repertoire. 

The feature will depend greatly on the unit. The Elmark standard, though, is remote controlled and adjustable in speed and strength. Most of their units have LED lights built-in too. Since their units come in such wide varieties, it rests solely on the buyer to research and look out for what works best for space. 

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9. PO Ceiling Fan

PO Ceiling Fan
PO Ceiling Fan

How could we not save the best for last? Of course, we cant discuss the best ceiling fans in the market without mentioning the space-age technology available in the PO Ceiling Fan. The likes of which are a welcomed addition to any modern home.

The main features of the fan include a 5-speed remote control and adjustable led light. The powerful motor cools the room almost instantly and still consumes 80% less energy than standard ceiling fans. Despite being 3-bladed, the silence and strength of the unit are unquestionable.

On top of all this, PO ceiling fans come with a free smart WiFi aircon controller that’s AI voice control ready. The units also have the last memory function, which is a small little convenience that goes a long way. They are so high-tech that they are even upgradable to a smart WiFi Module!

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New Kid On The Block: Bladeless Ceiling Fans

The latest and greatest trend in the ceiling fan market. Likely, you’ve never heard of a bladeless ceiling fan before. If you have, then you know how deeply rewarding they are in terms of airflow. If you are one of those unfortunate many that haven’t heard about these amazing devices, then you’re about to find out.

Key Benefits of Bladeless Ceiling Fans

There are many reasons why people are considering bladeless ceiling fans to be a better option. In case you’re not completely sold on the benefits of a Bladeless Ceiling Fan, here are their main advantages:

  • Safer

Since there are no visible blades, there’s no chance of any of the blades hitting something that has the unfortunate luck of being caught on its path. This is especially true if you have kids who love jumping on beds. Tall objects like ladders or ceiling dusters can also be caught on the blades of a ceiling fan if you’re not careful. 

To avoid any of these situations, it’s generally safer to have a bladeless fan. Some of the themes also have an automatic off mechanism when something goes wrong, or one of their parts isn’t attached correctly.

  • Energy Efficient

Bladeless fans run on a simple principle, sucking in air and pushing it out on tubes to circulate air. That means its engines require less energy than standard fans. 

This makes bladeless ceiling fans the most optimal choice for those looking to make as little impact on the environment as possible.

  • Easy to Maintain

The blades of a ceiling fan can collect tons of dust which means they have to be cleaned regularly. There’s also the possibility of one of the blades snapping off or coming loose from time to time.

That isn’t the case with a bladeless fan. Having no blades makes them so much easier to clean and maintain.

  • More Aesthetic

Bladeless fans come in different shapes and sizes, and bladeless ceiling fans even more so. 

The nature of their simple design means creators can add their own artistic flare to it. This makes many of them great additions to a stylish home or office.

Best Bladeless Ceiling Fans

1. Exhale Ceiling Fan

Exhale Ceiling Fan
Exhale Ceiling Fan

This is a highly raved about the smart home appliance and with good reason. The ceiling fan seems to defy physics by providing maximum amounts of airflow without any visible blades. The compact and highly functional appliance is indeed making waves in the market.

First and foremost, what stands out about this product is its sleek, unobtrusive design. Its entire appearance allows it to fit well into a white ceiling and render itself almost invisible. 

Secondly, the air distribution is surprisingly good considering there are no blades. Whereas traditional ceiling fans send air towards things directly under them, the Exhale Ceiling Fan ensures air is distributed evenly. 

Finally, the unit is as inaudible as a whisper. You’ll never have to worry about losing sleep to motor sounds ever again.

Buy Exhale Bladeless Ceiling Fan from Lazada

2. Vortec Ceiling Fan

Vortec Bladeless Ceiling Fan
Vortec Bladeless Ceiling Fan

Looking more like a groovy light fixture than an actual ceiling fan, the Vortec ceiling fan blends right into the background. That being said, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more efficient ceiling fan. 

Vortec ceiling fans create circular airflow, which reaches and cools a wider area than bladed ceiling fans. 

The patented engine makes the unit so versatile it can be installed in any environment. Its motor also consumes 50% less energy than standard ceiling fans. This makes it as sustainable as it is safe.

Buy Vortec Bladeless Ceiling Fan from Lazada

3. Flaire ERA

Flaire ERA Bladeless Ceiling Fan
Flaire ERA Bladeless Ceiling Fan

This is as close to a luxury ceiling fan as you’re gonna get. The Flaire ERA bladeless ceiling fans are a modern home dream.


Uniting a seamless design to state-of-the-art technology, airflow is not really a concern with this unit. The ABS body also ensures durability and houses some of the most energy-efficient motors money can buy. 

The only possible downside to this unit is that it is a little on the pricey side. This means it’s a kind of investment a budget-conscious person has to think twice about.

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Wrapping Up

And that wraps everything up. We certainly hope this article is helpful in your quest to choose the best ceiling fan for your space. 

The many different traits and features of these products should only help you weigh your options better. Think of a ceiling fan as an investment in long-term comfort. This will encourage you to take your time and not simply purchase the first fan you see. 

Hopefully, with all the things you’ve learned in this article, you’ll buy like a pro.

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