6 Ergonomic Standing Desks for the Health Conscious 2021


They said sitting is the new smoking! A sedentary lifestyle has been thought to contribute to many health issues, including poor circulation, weight gain, and heart disease. For many who work an office job, sitting all day feels like a necessary given.

A sit standing desk in the office allows office workers to be just as productive at work while lowering blood sugar level, burn more calories, and other health benefits

How to Choose the Right Sit Standing Desk 

There is a wide range of standing desk styles available, and choosing the right one is important to ensure your satisfaction. There are a few things to consider when shopping for a new standing desk. 

standing desk posture
6 Ergonomic Standing Desks for the Health Conscious 2021 8
  • Height and Adjustability: One of the main perks of a standing desk is that a good one can be adjusted into a seated position at a moment’s notice. Finding a standing desk that easily adjusts to your proper seated and standing height will provide the most comfortable experience possible. Choose a standing desk with a minimum and maximum height that best suits your needs. 
  • Adjustment Style: There are three main styles of adjustment mechanisms: crank, pneumatic or electric. Crank designs require manual lifting and lowering and typically aren’t as precise as an easier-to-use electric-powered desk.
  • Size: The depth and width of the desk are important when it comes to productivity. You want to make sure you have as much room as you might on a standard deck for the best results.
  • Weight Capacity: Will you have more than one monitor? Do you have heavy machines on your desk? Be sure the desk you choose can support all of that weight.

Best Standing Desk for Your Home Office

1. Most Customisable Desk: AmpDesk 

Why We Love It

Standing desks are first and foremost supposed to make working in an office more healthy and comfortable, and this AmpDesk achieves both. It offers plenty of customizable options that truly make the desk your own. That begins with the ability to choose your tabletop material from a variety of woods, including American Ash White, Marinus Walnut, or carbonized bamboo. Each wood option is strong enough to withstand plenty of weight. You can choose between two different frames that provide different heights: the Standard Height frame with a range between 73 and 123 centimeters or the Extended Height Frame that goes between 63 and 125 centimeters. The control keypad makes it easy to switch between heights with the simple push of a button. Three memory presets let you move between them automatically. It comes complete with a comfortable stool to work from as well.

Keep in-Mind

Those who are not used to putting together their own furniture may encounter difficulty when setting it up. Furthermore, it is worth noting that the wire grommet and power add-on has a rather short cable length. This could limit where you can place the desk in the office.

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2. Most Popular Motorized Standing Desk: Omnidesk Pro 2020 

Why We Love It

omnidesk pro 2020

The Omnidesk Pro 2020 gives users the chance to choose the very tabletop they work from. Shapes include a straight edge, bamboo ergonomic edge, or an ergonomic curve to ensure your total comfort as you work. Those who prefer to work on dual monitors will delight at the sight of the two monitor arms that make this a simple thing to do. Of course, this means that the table is nicely load-bearing and can easily support your equipment without buckling. 

Furthering your comfort is the adjustability of both the height of the desk and the monitor; in this way, you can achieve excellent posture without straining your back and neck. Height adjustability can be accomplished by pressing a button on the keypad, letting you choose various postures with ease. Each piece is made out of premium, stable material.

Keep in-Mind

The Omnidesk Pro 2020 has no tray beneath it like some others. It may be not easy to store your laptops or other items you want close at hand without the tray. You also will need to make sure your setup has long cables; the way the cable holder is positioned makes it difficult for short cords to reach the plugins.

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3. Best Manual Standing Desk: IKEA SKARSTA Sit Stand Desk 

IKEA SKARSTA manual standing desk

Why We Love It

Those who prefer to keep it simple in the office will appreciate the stripped-down nature of this desk. This Ikea stand desk features two simple yet sturdy legs making up its frame and a spacious tabletop perfect for housing laptops, coffee, notebooks, and more. The desk is adjustable like the others, but it uses a manual hand crank to raise and lower it instead. This makes it perfect for office environments where you don’t want noise disturbing your colleagues. 

Outside of that, the desk is quite basic and minimalistic, providing just two legs, a workspace with a weight limit of 50kg, and a hand crank for adjusting it. Its simple design and sleek style are perfect for modern office spaces with a clean look. The legs and frame are built from premium materials that will easily stand the test of time.

Keep in-Mind

Because this desk does not have drawers, additional storage for laptops and keyboards requires supplemental furniture. There is also no cable management, so cables and cords have the potential to become tangled. The desktop is also not as sturdy as it could be and shouldn’t be overloaded with weight.

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4. Most Environmentally Friendly: SOLOS’ Premium Standing Desk 

solos premium motorised standing desk

Why We Love It

For those who care as much about their health as they do the health of the environment, the SOLOS’ Premium Standing Desk is for you. This standing desk is manufactured out of sustainable material that has been certified by the California Air Resources Board to minimize its impact on the environment. You will be rewarded for your care of Mother Earth with the four beautiful tabletop options to choose from. Each top measures 55 inches by 27 inches and offers plenty of room for you to work. 

This adjustable desk has a hefty weight-bearing capacity in that it can support up to 220 pounds with ease. You can adjust the height of the desk between 28 and 47 inches with the push of a button, even with all of that weight on top of it. Furthering the convenience of this desk is the cable management system located in the back.

Keep in-Mind

Because there are no trays under the desk, storing laptops, notebooks and books nearby can be difficult. At the highest height, some users have reported that their desk shakes a little bit. Because of this, there are some stability issues to consider before purchasing.

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5. Best Standing Desk Alternative: takeAseat Ergonomic Laptop Desk 

takeaseat ergonomic laptop desk

Why We Love It

With its slim, lightweight, space-saving design, the takeAseat Ergonomic Laptop Desk is perfect for smaller office spaces. There are five different height settings to choose from, making it perfect for use by anyone of any height and preference. To switch between standing and sitting, all you have to do is press a button. Choose from five preset height levels to shave off even more time. The desk measures 66 centimeters in length by 47 centimeters in depth to offer ample space for working. The desk’s top measures only 40 millimeters at its lowest, giving it an even sleeker and smaller profile. This ergonomic laptop stand is also remarkably portable with its compact, folding capability and lightweight design. With a strong base made from aluminum, you won’t have to worry about it shaking and wobbling. 

Keep in-Mind

This desk is not well-suited for those who work with a lot of materials on their desk. It can only hold eight kilograms, which is roughly 18 pounds. If you have too many items, it might compromise the desk’s stability, and the manual adjustment might be unappealing to some users.

6. Smart Standing Desk: Altizen Pro Sit Stand Desk Converter 

altizen pro sit stand desk converter

Why We Love It

Blending productivity and ergonomics, the Altizen Pro Sit Stand Desk Converter is a highly professional standing desk for any office job. It features real-time posture detection, which will help you get your posture under control with the ability to customize its position. With an emphasis on health, it also keeps track of the number of calories burned as you work. 

This adjustable desk features an equally adjustable monitor stand with 11 different heights to choose from to improve your comfort and productivity. The memory chip within allows you to set and keep different heights to adjust the desk to with a button’s push. The desk’s workspace is generous with measurements of 45 centimeters by 80 centimeters, offering ample room to work without taking up too much space. It is manufactured out of stable, solid cold-rolled steel.

Keep in-Mind

This desk is good for those who need space for a monitor, keyboard, and mouse; it is not quite large enough for all extras. Be sure you consider that it can only hold one monitor at a time and is not equipped for dual monitor setups. Finally, it has a low load-bearing capacity.

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Final Thoughts

A standing desk is your solution to your sedentary lifestyle caused by your office job. We’ve put together a list of the best standing desks for your consideration and provided the links to make shopping for yours easier than ever. Check them out today.

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