6 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner to Make Chore More Enjoyable


Vacuuming is a necessary chore no matter if you have hardwood or carpeted flooring. There are some things that sweeping cannot clean, but with a good vacuum, you can avoid the buildup of dust and other debris. Using a vacuum with a cord can be troublesome as you constantly unplug it to move to different rooms. Still, cordless vacuums aim to solve that issue with their portability and convenience.

Choosing Right Cordless Vacuum 

There are a few points to consider when shopping around for your new cordless vacuum, and they are as follows: 

  • Battery Life: Perhaps what is most important to consider when shopping for a cordless vacuum is the battery life. Since it is not getting constant energy fed through an electric cable, you’ll need something reliable to power such a robust machine. Even if you are only planning to use it to clean the car’s interior, you’ll need a vacuum that can run for at least 20 minutes. 
  • Storing when not in use: It is likely that you have a large corded vacuum taking up space in your home’s cleaning closet. With a cordless vacuum, that will likely be less of a problem. They are more compact than standard upright or cylinder models, so you can figure out which model will best suit your home’s storage space.
  • Capacity: No one likes to stop and constantly clean out their vacuums. By design, most cordless vacuums can hold up to one liter. Compared to corded units, that may not seem like much, it makes the machine neater and more compact. Try to find one with at least one liter of collection space.

Make Chores More Enjoyable With These Cordless Vacuum

1. Most Powerful: Dyson V11 Absolute  

dyson v11 absolute

Why We Love It

Dyson cordless vacuum is one of the most famous and sought-after vacuum brands today, and the Dyson V11 does not disappoint. It can easily handle everything that might need vacuuming, from carpets to hardwood, from edges to corners. It picks up pet hair with the same ease as it does smaller debris and helps cut down on dander. 

The Dyson V11 can run for an impressive 60 minutes at a time, letting you get more work done at once. The auto mode will automatically adjust the level of suction according to what surface it is currently cleaning. This ensures a more thorough cleaning on any surface without the user having to stop and adjust the machine. If there is a clog in the machine or the filter, you will be alerted through the LCD screen so that you can take care of it immediately. It also displays the life of the battery.

Keep in-Mind

Even though the Dyson V11 runs for a long time, it takes 4.5 hours to charge back up totally. It weighs 6.6 pounds, a bit heavier than some other Dysons models, not self-standing. Storing it may feel inconvenient.

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2. Most Value for the Money: Xiaomi Deerma 

Why We Love It

xiaomi deerma cordless vaccum

The new Xiaomi Deerma VC 20 cordless handheld vacuum is a lightweight stick vacuum that does not sacrifice its power for its size. This Xiaomi cordless vacuum cleaner features impressive suction power that can easily clean all floors’ styles in the home. With 100 watts of power fueling the suction, you can get everything from small garbage to pet hair cleaned up in no time. The dust brush rotates as many as 3000 times per minute to ensure thorough cleaning. No matter how you prefer to vacuum, you can adjust it to an upright vacuum or a handheld vacuum to get all of the nooks and crannies. The machine makes it easy to use not only in the house but also in the car, on curtains, furniture, ceilings, and more. The dust and the air get separated when you use this product, resulting in cleaner, fresher air in the home. When it comes time, the filter is removable to make it easy to wash. 

Keep in-Mind

Some users have found that it is not easy to maneuver the vacuum over the carpet. It tends to get stuck on carpeting and requires some elbow grease to really push it forward and clean in an easy, timely manner.

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3. Best Dyson Alternative: Roidmi Z1  

roidmi z1 review

Why We Love It

For those who want a Dyson power without the price tag, the Roidmi Z1 is a good choice. This Xiaomi Roidmi cordless vacuum cleaner features strong suction power that can suck everything from dust to debris to pet hair, but it doesn’t stop there. It can sterilize itself, remove the bacteria and other pathogens that can build up in the vacuum if not properly cleaned. It also helps to suck up the bacteria on the floor to remove it from your home by sterilizing the bacteria within the chamber. 

The Roidmi Z1 provides two-in-one functionality in that it features a mop attachment that you can place behind the sweeper portion. In this way, you can vacuum and then mop the floor in one single stroke. This cuts down on the overall amount of time you spend cleaning your floors.

Keep in-Mind

The dust chamber on the Roidmi Z1 is smaller than most other vacuums. Because of this, you may find that you have to spend more time dumping out the chamber as you use it. Still, it is easier to dump out when it comes to other units with the simple push of a button.

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4. Best 2 in 1 Vacuum: Philips SpeedPro Max Aqua 

philips speedpro max aqua 2 in 1 vacuum

Why We Love It

This Philips cordless vacuum cleaner is one of the most efficient two-in-one vacuums around. SpeedPro Max Aqua features a vacuum and a mop attachment that will allow you to vacuum and mop the floor simultaneously. Hard to lift stains only need this compact stick vacuum to run over it a time or two to clean them up, saving time by not forcing you to break out a mop. The Philips Speedpro Max Aqua cordless stick vacuum cleaner fc6901 is designed to allow you to clean absolutely any floor space with its unique design that can practically lay flat. In this way, you can clean under furniture with greater ease. The nozzle is capable of sucking up dirt on every side to help you vacuum more quickly. The unique LED lighting helps you see where the dirt is hiding, so you don’t miss a single piece of it. 

Keep in-Mind

After you mop up the floor, it does not immediately dry. Because it leaves behind wetness, it could be uncomfortable for some people to use. This could be solved by bringing a small towel around with you to dry with your feet as you move around the space.

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Final Thoughts

Cordless vacuums will change the way that you clean for the better. In this article, we’ve reviewed four of the best cordless vacuums for your consideration. Check out the available choices, see which one is right for you, and then make your purchase confidently.

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